Unseen Friends

    Life is an immense gift of love that preludes wellness towards our expansion of self into becoming All that is. We are journeying, compassionately, down pathways that intersect with the complete awe of the love and connection we can feel with not only all parts of ourselves, but with all parts of each other. Yet, we sometimes question - what is further, beyond the beauteous reality of simplistic life that we live in from day to day? Well, it is the Universe, and it is God, Goddess and All that is. Apart of God, Goddess, and All that is, is our unseen friends. 

Unseen friends are beings that weave together united love; they make up the gateway of wellness for each and every one of us. Each unseen friend is here for us to help us experience more of the universe, becoming more of ourselves.

They have immense love to give so we may consciously grow into all that we are, unraveling our tight bundle of self into an expanded rope of beauty.

When we are willing to give and receive the seed of the self - the ultimate seed of love - we can blossom into a beautiful tree of wellness. 

    It is important to work with your unseen friends because they can not only love you beyond measures, but they can help you become what you already are. They are here to guide you and help you experience the greatest love of the Universe in this earth experience, so that the burning flame of life can enhance whom you are, lifting you into a higher vibrational state. Connecting daily through speaking or meditation is one way to connect with these beings.  When we work with Higher Self and our Unseen Friends, we are able to see dimensional perspectives in our wandering, becoming conscious in what we already are in the beauteous and timeless universe.