What is a Sound Bath?

Each and every person is of energetic nature - we are beings filled with love and light, hoping to heal and to grow into a deeper part of what we already are. The body, the mind, and the soul are in need of beauty - in need of universal oneness. As we awaken into the New Age of dimensional growth, sound is a way each and every one of us can connect with the energy of God, Goddess and All that is.

Sound Baths provide a natural connection: they are a way to feel and a way to thrive beyond where we sit here and now. 

    During a sound bath, relaxation is purposeful, as most choose to let their bodies fall, comfortably, into the abyss of the earth’s floor. As the lights in the room fade and darkness enhances our connection to self, instruments such as drumming, tibetan singing bowls, native flutes, gongs, and even didgeridoos are played at high volumes, filling the quietness. The vibrations of these instruments travel through the floor and up into our bodies, heightening our awareness, bringing peace, and setting the tone of relaxation for our cells. 

    The vibrational waves of sound can help us connect to valuable inner insight about our journey, and give us greater connection to love, bringing us emotional and even, physical healing. This meditative process can move blocked energy through our bodies, helping us rise further into the magic that we are. 

    Within each instrumental process, each sound bath provides a special energetic experience for each person. These sessions give healing, through the releasing and recharging of our cells, and fill our bodies with immense love and connection to spirit. Through balance of the chakras and time away from chaos, the vibrations of beauty will help you feel reawakened and expanded into a higher being than you were before you you walked in.