Love is love

Love is a complex thing. It is what makes up the components of whom we are. Yet, love is love. Whether it comes from a moment of intimacy with a homeless man or from a loving community that replicates family - love is love. Love makes up the potion of successful growth within the heart of happiness. It is what expands us to being and becoming. Healing our wounds expands us too, but that is also love, through the act of receiving. 

No way is right and no way is wrong. Love is love. Love is the capacity to be and to thrive in all realms of the universe. Love can be the comfort from a book that threatens the ideals of your beliefs or it can be a hug from a best friend.

Love is different, but it is also the same. Love is the thriving difficulties we go through, but it is also the immense high of flowing forward. 

Love is an act of acceptance. It is giving immense compassion and wisdom of embrace to what is, but it is also challenging what is, to become more.  It is the moments of holding space for another. It is the hugs, the kisses, and the embrace of one another. It is the equality and charm we find in our intimate relationships. Love is the commonality of life's infinite energy  - accepting, cherishing, and bring wellness to the change of constancy in God, Goddess, and All that is. 

Love brings clarity of mind. When you are loved beyond measures, it can become simplistic in letting go of our many clouds of pain. When love embraces the cells of the body, it becomes infused with grace instead of constant rapport of failure. It becomes the light and lets darkness bleed out, invisibly. Love changes the wellness of the heart by fulfilling its dutiful gift of concurring hurt with concurring compassion, making life and everyday's gratitude, a gift of pleasure. 

Love is beautiful in all ways, whether it is visible or invisible because love is love