The Universal Promise

Promises - we all try to keep them and sometimes we succeed, while other times, we tend to fail. Simply put, this rollercoaster of change represents our relationship with the universe - the universal promise. This promise is a promise we made to God, Goddess, and All that is and a promise God, Goddess, and All that is made back to us. 

God, Goddess, and All that is will always be there for us and in return, as we go through the rigors of life, we promise, to return home. 

We separate, and that separation has resulted in this promise. Each and every day, we are going through the labyrinth of life, navigating our way through the narrows of pain, suffering, and joy. We are attempting to figure out what we are doing, where we are going, and how to live a life of wonder that encompasses the beautiful consciousness of the universe. To fulfill our side of the promise, it is to become more conscious. It is being all that we are, moving beyond the fears, the needs, and the pain. It is working with Higher Self and it is connecting with God, Goddess, and All that is, allowing them to help us rise through the physical realm to a higher state of consciousness. It is learning and allowing ourselves to love each other and love God, Goddess and All that is, because the greatest leson, and the greatest intimacy, is love. The more we become and grow into our expanded selves, the closer we are to fulfilling that promise. 

God, Goddess, and All that is, is always there for us. They are constantly loving us, supporting us, and guiding us so we may reach, grow, and change into more of the universe. They have a promise to fulfill, too, and they fulfill it, each and every day. Yet, we have to allow them to be there and we have to allow them to fulfill the promise. We have to trust God, Goddess, and All that is and let there be an everlasting flow of graciousness. 

Love is beautiful and it is sacred. It is what this universe is made of and it is what we are trying to become more of. Each and every day, as we fulfill our promise to the universe, love encompasses the mind of our physical reality, bringing us closer to home.