The Adolescent

Once a child, always a child, right? Well, there comes a time, as children, when we choose to transition. We choose to get to know ourselves deeper, and we choose to start the transition towards adulthood. This is when we become adolescents.

Adolescence is filled with change, beauty, and growth - it is a time to become more of who we are.

It is the first time we are re-experiencing our childhood. We are children from the time we are born till around the age of twelve. Once we choose to embrace adolescence and not let innocence fully encompass us, we begin this next phase. From the age of twelve until the age of twenty-one, we are in adolescence. At each age, we are experiencing childhood once again. When we are fifteen, we are deeply connected to our inner child at the age of five. When we are eighteen, we are connected to our inner child at the age of eight. It is the process of healing, and it is the process of growth - understanding who we are and whom we are becoming.

Adolescence is a time when we realize we may actually have power - power to get someone’s attention, power to be in a strong role, and power to lead - lead a life of whatever fills our hearts and lead a life destined for greatness. We are connecting with the deeper parts of ourselves, separating from our parents on a deeper level, and becoming more reliant on ourselves. Everything seems like life or death, but that is because this beautiful change is new, different, and at times, challenging, as we learn to rise into our full selves. 

Your adolescent is still alive, living and breathing the life they experience - the life you experience. Just as it is important to love your child, it is important to love your adolescent, giving them spiritual parents, visiting your adolescent in your inner world with Higher Self, and helping them grow, be of power, and change into the person their heart destines them to be through unconditional love.