I have a future

The future - we all think about it, we all strive for it to be of beauty, and we all desire it to magnify the vision of our hearts. Yet, how does future reality creation work? Who you are in this current moment is creating your future, as your past creates your future, and your present moment - your present self - will soon become the past in a moment of seconds, particularly after you read this blog post. It sounds quite complex, but can be of simplicity. 

 We are in control of our realities and every ounce of ourselves is apart of creating it.

Our wounds, our gifts, our challenges, our hearts, and our highest good creates the future and we have multiple outcomes and multiple potentials. Before we come here to experience life on earth, we set up growth-oriented events in our lives. We must work on accepting, changing, and becoming more of ourselves through our destiny. It is important to work with Higher Self, and God, Goddess, and All that is, facing the beautiful and the ugly. 

Quite a bit of our past creates our future, but it is also important to understand the ego in this reality creation. Our ego is addicted to our past, and can potentially work in trying to create and predict from our past, which can be confusing and quite tricky for us to deal with. The control is desired through the ego as the unknown future can potentially feel threatening to the ego. We must see, acknowledge and accept the unknown, letting openness flood our hearts. 

Through this, it is important to work with our future selves, to see potential outcomes, whether they be positive or negative in our minds, for the purpose of healing, and becoming more of ourselves. Although there may be some things Higher Self will not reveal to us, we can still learn. We can learn from the wisdom of our future selves in our inner world to heal and change, so we may become greater. As you begin to change yourself, those around you will respond to your enlightenment, and so will your potential futures. There are infinite possibilities, and anything is possible, we just need to believe and grow ourselves, healing our pasts, so we may enter into the abyss of abundant love.