As human beings, we know we have a beating heart and we know that we are alive because we are breathing. We know plants are alive because they help us live, and we know our pets have life because they have a body. Yet, what about the energy that surrounds us and the things that don't have physical proof of life? How do we know that the table or couch we sit on is alive, or the crystals that we use when we meditate are alive? Life is simple. It is all depth of tangibility and all depth of invisibility. 

Life is existence - it is the conceptual depth of the unknown and it is the energetic component of essence that lies in each thing.

Every creation has the energy of it's creator and it has the energy of life's substantial DNA.  Just as a child has prior lifetimes of wisdom and the DNA of their parents, so does any other form of life. A business, a crystal, and even a simple item that we use everyday has substantial thought, mold, creation, and DNA. These components contain the expansiveness of life that exists. We can be whatever we desire to be and our existence in this world contains many forms of life because life is vast, and that vastness takes us into the unknown. 

As we expand, we are becoming more and more aware of that life within ourselves and that life can carry us beyond the capacity we believe we have in the moment of now.