Life is everlasting. It takes us on a journey, so we may visit the peaks of our pain, and dive into the valleys of our dreams. Our own personal life experiences are there to bring us closer to the inner wisdom and truth of whom we are.  When we are children, we begin to understand ourselves, and as we enter into adolescence, we begin to remember and experiment further with the complexity of our own knowledge. In all of our own explorations of becoming, acceptance of whom we are is how we may allow the expansion of self to continue to exist.

Acceptance is how we may create an intimate relationship with ourselves and with the reality that we create. It is apart of the complimentary components that define the love that we are. 

When we accept ourselves and our reality, we are able to see our desires and creations, clearly. Visual tangibility helps us understand the impact of our actions, and from there, we can allow our lives and self to be. The breath of life and the breath of existence is what drives us towards our dreams, past the pain of the past, and into the future of the unknown. Acceptance helps us decide where we choose to take our breath. Whether we go into the caves of darkness, or into the clouds of light, we are the love that exists.

Our love can go anywhere, and expand into a greatness that is far beyond our own awareness. All we must do is accept and allow the life we are to be and choose to become the life we desire to be, with the hopes and dreams of our creative beliefs.