Live Your Consciousness

As we enter into the Spring months of this year, the continuation of death, doubts, and fears begin to subside through the sun's brightness. This past season of reflection and growth brings about newness in self. Death is an ongoing process, but this year of 2018 is a time to truly bathe in the truth of whom we are and live that truth.

Life is a gift that is meant to be treasured. We are to love, become, and live out the truth of our consciousness through the physical tangibility Mother Earth gives us.

The time is now to reflect and decide whom you are becoming. You chose to come down to this earth to forget your truth in knowing for mastery. You chose to blend and create karmic patterns of love and pain, so you may discover what love truly is. Love becomes enhances and stronger in beauty when it is lost through our painful knowing. 

Yet, we must know that love is never leaving and darkness is a beautiful teacher that works with us through God, Goddess, and All that is. Healing must not be rushed, but cherished through the connection of oneness we create and embrace here on Earth. Wherever we are in our consciousness in the moment of now is enough. We must embrace and love our energetic soil, waking up to the love that is life. 

Our consciousness is alive now and forevermore. We are consciousness that holds a beautiful body of sacredness for gifted growth. As we enter into the month of March and embrace the Full moon that arrives on the first of the month, we are to dive deep into our creative wombs and blend our consciousness into creation for growth and healing, so we may experience the true knowing of self. 

In the moment of now, we must dissolve all and any negative past times and thoughts we have into the fire of our hearts and embrace the loving core that is our true essence. We must remain in our heart center and dissolve the mind's limitations to become the consciousness we have always known we are.