Everything on this planet is of beauty and of grace. The earth is filled with gems that hold love, light, and clarity, bringing Universal Oneness to the atmosphere. As humans, we can participate, love, and grow with our world and all of the contents that derive from it. Crystals are important parts of that world, and tremendously make a difference to our lives. 

As with anything, crystals came to life through the natural flow of creation. In each crystal, there is an essence, just as each one of us has an essence. Each crystal has a different dimension, shape, format, and vibration. Through the long standing history of crystals, there are ancient ones, fairly new ones, and crystals that have held information for ages. 

When you work with crystals, you are working with energy that supplies love, healing, and growth to your own journey. There is a co - creation at hand when you and a crystal bond, creating a relationship. Each crystal comes from a different area and each crystal has a certain healing property, as well as a unique attribute to it's choice. 

Depending on which crystal you may invest in, there will always be a reason for your relationship to it. Just as we manifest people and opportunities for our growth, we can also manifest crystals, as their properties, history, and ancient magic contains wisdom that may help us expand past the truth of time.