Life is a rollercoaster, filled with endless emotion and endless love. Yet, the love we have and the love we receive, comes from the emotional ride we go through, each and every day. As we grow into our power and into the true essence of whom we are, we must allow growth to occur. Growth will occur in many forms, and all forms of growth exist through change.

Change is the process of loss and gain, where we become a new resonance of deeper love, grace, and beauty. 

Change is scary - it can feel like death, it can feel new, and it can feel like the distant unknown. Yet, change is what life is about, because change is the process of healing. Each avenue we embark down has beauty that fulfills whom we are. Yet, sometimes, we must go beyond the beauty that we are in the present moment of now, and become the beauty, of the future, that we never thought we could be. 

In this, loss is very real, as is grief, fear, and negativity. We must be conscious of where we are headed and we must sift through the old and the new with Higher Self. Life is a gift and it is a journey we are on towards deeper resonance with ourselves. Change exists so the past can heal, and the future can mold our truth into physicality. 

Be okay in the now, because that is where the truth of knowing exists, but know that your truth within becomes deeper with healing, change, and abundant blessings.