The Ancestral Puzzle

It is important to understand your ancestral lineage - whether that be of the spiritual origin or of the physical origin. Your blood tells a lot about you because you were created from the blood of your ancestors. In fact, there is even a valid reason why humans crawl out of other humans when they are born. You come from the blood of grace, of hurt, of shame, and of the highest love that exists in this world. 

We create each other because we are creators of the Universe & We are The Universe.

Every time you make a shift within your life, your family will shift - even if that shift is completely unconscious. Your essence contributes to the family patterns and to the family love that gets to expand here on earth. It may even be best to view some of your own wounds as your family's wound. Do your father and you have something in common? Do your mother and one of her ancestors have something in common that you feel? 

Everything in this world is connected

It is important to view your ancestral lineage as a puzzle that is connected to you through your father and through your mother. Your father and your mother carry out your current puzzle into a further oblivion that may not feel important to you at this time, even though it carries an essential key to the Universe - to your Universe. 

Although you choose a mother and a father based on your own growth, you also choose to be a part of your immediate family based on the ancestral lineage you want to contribute to and learn from. As you grow through life, the past creates the future of your family and the future of you. Think of it and go within:

 What is your blood telling you about your family's wounds? What wounds specifically cloud your reality and your own essence? 

Your family is here to prosper, to grow, and to become more. You can help your family become more as you grow into your own prosperous power as an individual, as a lover, and as a fighter. Let your internal blessings of known love shower and renew your own blood with joy.