Creation Energy

The essence of our soul is what we strive to become during our time on earth. Although we do not fully sit with all of our soul in our human bodies, we still are connected to our soul - the vastness of it. Some of us are born as males and some of us are born as females. Regardless of gender, each person has a creative flow of masculine and feminine energy that should be utilized.

If you are born as a male, you are probably working on power and creation from a male perspective. Most males fulfill the role of support, which is the masculine energy. Females, on the other hand, work on creation from a different type of perspective. The feminine energy is about receiving and being, but it is also about creating from the womb - from the place of motherhood (regardless of the creation that you are bringing to life). 

Yet, it does not matter which gender you have incarnated as because every person is to give and receive as they sit with themselves, and become more as they progress through their life. Therefore, it is important to connect with the feminine and masculine energies as you travel through the different experiences you are given. Both energetic formulas are important for growth and both energetic formulas must be accepted. 

As a child, you are born into a family that provides the masculine and feminine roles, whether you have two parents of different genders, or not. As a child, you begin to understand both energetic formulas and you begin to see the importance of each one for your own life as you grow into an adult. At a certain point in life, most will adopt these parental roles within themselves, so they may love, nurture, and grow their own soul into pure abundance.