Positive or Negative?

Each day is a day for growth and a day for movement. When we wake up in the morning, we are given the gift of newness and we are given the gift of choice. Yet, what we do with those choices is based on our perception and our perception is how we view life. Have you ever wondered how perception changes your life? 

Perception and visualization are the answers to transforming, growing, and building our reality from the core beauty that exists in our hearts. 

When we have a negative perception of something, it can alter our reality as well as our physical body. A negative perception can lead to illness, it can lead to limitations, and it can ultimately lead to loss. When you have a positive perspective and when your view on life changes, you are growing, you are learning, and you are moving. 

Ultimately, one person could relive the same life and the same situation over and over again and they could transform through having a positive and expansive outlook on life. Each time you experience pain, suffering, and even happiness, you can learn something new.

This may be why we have patterns in our blood that need refreshment, renewal, and change. How many times have you followed the same pattern and how could changing your outlook on life alter your pattern? Could changing the pattern alter your life? 

Life's gift of knowledge and growth can be extremely simple. Yet, more importantly, are you willing to let life be beautiful rather than a struggle? That is always for you to decide and you are given that opportunity each and every morning as you open your eyes and make your daily cup of coffee.