Nutritional Microscopy

  • MATIZ Wellness Center 26932 Oso Pkwy, Ste. 220 Mission Viejo, 92691

Nutritional Microscopy- A cutting-edge tool providing insight into the root causes of human ailments. What we find: We can take a look at the overall health and viability of your immune system, level of acidity, level of metal poisoning, digestive function, nutritional deficiencies, liver and other health imbalances.

Live Blood Cell Analysis: With the unique capabilities of the Microscope, we can examine individual blood cells while they are still alive. This is unlike other forms of blood screening. The findings provide a new dimension of information about your body.

Venesa Kay will be at Matiz:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 19-21, 2013

For appointments contact: 949-716-3732