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Design Wellness into Your 2016!


Energize Your Health and Live Your Passion!

Matiz will host a special New Year’s workshop and discussion this month to help us all get focused on wellness and power up our energy for a fantastic 2016.  At this interactive workshop, you will:


  • Learn the true nature of energy and how it operates to support all life
  • Identify the things that can potentially block energy in your body and life, and what you can do to help release those blockages
  • Learn how to access more life force energy and let it in to energize your life!
  • Learn how you can begin to utilize energy toward your life purpose, be more creative, and live your passion!




Diane McLean – Licensed Architect, Certified Health Coach, and Energy Healer

As an architect, Diane is an advocate and educator for sustainability and wellness design in the built environment.  She is also a health and wellness practitioner, where she integrates her lifelong study of nutrition, energy healing, and environmental balancing to help her clients to regain the energy of vibrant health, and experience greater wellness in their bodies and in the environments in which they live and work.


Edilma Avendano – Certified Nurse, Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki and Karuna Master

Edilma is the Owner of the Matiz Wellness Center.  She assists her clients in healing through various modalities, including Massage Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Sound Healing, Rolfing, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Structural Integration & Reiki Instruction.


We Welcome You with Love, and Look Forward to Seeing You!


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