Revolution Evolution ~ A Night of Sacred Transformation

  • Matiz Wellness Center Sound Theater 26131 Marguerite Parkway, Suite B Mission Viejo, CA, 92692 United States

Ladies AND Gentlemen, sisters AND brothers.... you are invited to a POWERFUL healing ceremony. Because so far 2017 has been INTENSE. Powerful. Full of changes, endings and new beginnings, all at the same time!!!  An opportunity to remember your soul voice, your light, your power, your own True North. Its a Revolution Evolution..... we will revolutionalize old ways of being and evolve and embody more of our power. Our light. In this ceremony, you will be anointed with sacred oils, receive Shamanic healing energy, bathed in sacred sound waves from crystal bowls, Drumming, Karuna Reiki, and for the ladies you will be led through a Rite of the Womb blessing (to free your creative center), to help you release fears, worries, anxiety, old thoughts, old patterns, self destructive habits. Remember courage, clarity, and creativity in your body and empower your greatest Self! Sounds pretty powerful, right? It is. Because YOU are. And all you have to do is show up, surrender to any resistance or doubt and just receive.

Your guides for the evening....Edilma Avendano and Lidia Menghi carriers of healing light, trained in Shamanic energy healing, sound healing with crystal bowls, sacred ceremony, rites of passage, and so much more. Jessilyn Gilbank is also trained in Shamanic energy medicine, is a Qoya teacher.... she brings love and laser focused intuitive healing energy wherever she goes. Bruce Gilbank will be with us bringing Karuna Reiki, he will play the didgeridoo (deep sound healing waves will wash over you and into every cell of your body harmonizing your health ). Heather Premac will guide us through a little breathwork and a beautiful Tantric heart meditation. We will do some gentle movement at the end to anchor this all in our body. Like a Victory dance....just because we are here together.  Read more..

Cost $25.00
Must RSVP to or text (949)422-3025