Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as a colonic or colon irrigation, removes impacted waste and toxins from the large intestine or colon.  Using sterile, disposable speculums and tubes, our therapist induces natural peristalsis by softening waste with an introduction of sanitized, filtered water and a gentle massage.  

Colon irrigation enhances the body's ability to absorb vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.  Colonics also assist in hydrating the body, leaving one feeling lighter, refreshed, and more energetic.

Most colonic sessions last approximately one hour.  A series of sessions is generally recommended to dislodge all the years of accumulated waste and toxins.  When the bowel is toxic, it can harbor a large variety of very harmful bacteria and parasites.

Unique to a Matiz Hydrocolon therapy session, you will be lying atop the Bio-Mat. The Bio-Mat oxygenates the whole body, as well as, increases circulation.  It also alkalizes the body and strengthens the immune system. Combining the healing effects of hefty emissions of both negative ions and far-infrared rays, the Bio-Mat dissolves hidden toxins, making them available for elimination through the colon hydrotherapy process.

Our specialist provides a private, quiet, and compassionate environment for you to experience the power and efficacy of colonic treatment.   She is excited to share her first-hand knowledge and personal understanding of utilizing colonics for optimal personal health.


For more detailed information about the colonic treatment process,  and how to prepare for a session,or schedule an appointment, please contact our Hydrocolonic Specialist, Lidia, at (949)200-0249 or email


Implants may improve the balance of bowel flora, sooth imflamation, cleanse and heal the colon, aid in detoxification of the liver and colon, improve digestion, restore balance in Candida overgrowth, assist in elimination of parasites and improve hydration.

Chlorophyll Implant

It provides a wide array of benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory properties to the ability to bind to and remove heavy metals. The chlorophyll implant softens built up material, removes gases and feeds friendly flora in the colon. It is a great neutraliser and aids in the hydratration the bowel. It can also help boost you red blood cells (hemoglobin, is high in antioxidants and has anti inflammatory properties containing high levels of the vitamins A,C and E.

Benefits of Chlorophyll

  • Protection from cancer and radiation

  • Wound healing

  • Blood cleansing

  • Detoxification

  • Intestinal health

  • Internal deodorization

  • Reducing cholesterol

Coffee Implant

Supports the quick and safe removal of toxins from the liver. The enzymes in the caffeine are absorbed through the colon wall and transported directly to the liver. This causes the liver’s portal vein to dilate, the bile ducts to expand and the bile flow to increase. This causes increased enzyme productions, and a large toxic bile flush from the body.

Benefits of Coffee

  • Provide a powerful stimulating and cleansing effect on the liver and gallbladder.

  • The caffeine and other components of coffee relax and open the bile ducts, releasing toxins from the liver up to seven times the normal rate.

  • Since all the blood in your body is circulating through the liver every 4 minutes, this allows for extensive blood cleansing and the activation of glutathione from the liver.

  • Help to stimulate the release of chemical toxins and metabolic wastes.