Intuitive Guidance and Healing
These Spirit-led services help you connect with your Higher Self and the love you have within, bringing you closer to the reality, self, and love you have been looking to create within your life. Whether you are just now searching for your truth or discovering your own deeper knowing within, these spirit-led sessions can help lead you to a deeper understanding of All That Is.

Intuitive Healer, Vocal Channel, and Spiritual Teacher 

MATIZ Wellness Center is pleased to offer the services of Erika Seidel. 


Erika has always been connected - connected to the earth and connected to Spirit. Growing up as an extreme empath, being sensitive to everything and struggling was normal. Her connection to Spirit helped her through her childhood as she could sense things others could not, from hearing voices to seeing beyond. Her relationship to her identical twin sister helped her in learning the ways of the world. From a young age, Erika began to travel, to experience different cultures, and to understand herself deeper. 

At the age of 20, Erika became sick with an unknown illness that displayed symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Through her inward journey towards reconnecting with God, Goddess, and All that is, she was able to heal her body, her mind, and her Spirit. She continuously heals herself and connects to Spirit through travelling, writing, and going inward. She is now able to help others discover, heal, and expand themselves.

Erika is an intuitive healer, vocal channel, and spiritual teacher. Through her services, Erika loves to guides others through the inward journey towards healing, so they may connect and expand their awareness, deeping the love and light within self.

Through each intuitive session, Erika will connect with your Higher Self and guides to bring forward healing light. Erika believes that every person is journeying along their own path and each person has infinite possibilities they may choose to journey along. Through each session, Erika will bring forth the highest potential possibility, based on where you are in your current life path. There will also be an opportunity to sift through blockages and bring forward guidance for the purpose of healing. 

Services:  Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Healings, Meditative Sessions 

To schedule an appointment with Erika, please call 1 (949) 525 - 1797 or click here to send her an email.

In addition to these services, MATIZ Wellness Center also offers a variety of healing services for your journey to 'Whole Being' health and wellness. Please Contact Us to inquire about a complete wellness program that is perfectly tailored for your needs.