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Experience Sonic Geometry at the Integratron

  • 2477 Belfield Boulevard Landers, CA, 92285 United States (map)

Exciting News! You can join us for a truly unique and immersive experience at the world-famous Integratron in Southern California’s Mojave Desert! This is your chance to participate in our ongoing “Sonic Geometry” frequency experiments inside this incredible frequency-activated machine.

We have booked the dates listed below, and each event will include the following:

A caravan out to Giant Rock, where Integratron creator George Van Tassel supposedly made “contact” with celestial beings. You will stand on the same dirt airstrip where, according to Van Tassel, an interstellar craft touched down in 1953 and its occupants shared the mysterious “F = 1 over T” formula, which was used to create the Integratron. The area around Giant Rock has been sacred to Native Americans for thousands of years, and this is where the story of the Integratron really begins.

Later, you will have the opportunity to experience the Integratron as the “frequency machine” it was designed to be. Very few visitors know that the bottom floor of this two-story structure is where people were supposed to receive a “cellular-rejuvenation healing,” but we make it a point to honor the original design and purpose of this incredible vortex generator. During this session, you will also get the full back-story of the Integratron’s creation, a refresher course describing Sonic Geometry, and then experience for yourself very specific sets of electronic frequencies. You will be amazed by what this building does with energy, vibration and numerically perfect harmonics!

Following a light lunch, you will get to hear organic frequencies in the upper dome area of the Integratron. This is where “sound baths” are given, and we will be featuring the sounds of crystal bowls and other sacred instruments. There can be no denying that, even though people were never supposed to inhabit this area of the structure, something profound takes place amidst its parabolic arcs and curves. The Integratron has been called the most acoustically perfect wooden dome in the world, and after experiencing a sound bath here, we’re quite sure you’ll agree! After this upstairs tone session, we will gather for a debriefing session before departing the grounds around 6:00pm.

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Later Event: October 21
Sound Bath Meditation