The Ancestral Puzzle

It is important to understand your ancestral lineage - whether that be of the spiritual origin or of the physical origin. Your blood tells a lot about you because you were created from the blood of your ancestors. In fact, there is even a valid reason why humans crawl out of other humans when they are born. You come from the blood of grace, of hurt, of shame, and of the highest love that exists in this world. 

We create each other because we are creators of the Universe & We are The Universe.

Every time you make a shift within your life, your family will shift - even if that shift is completely unconscious. Your essence contributes to the family patterns and to the family love that gets to expand here on earth. It may even be best to view some of your own wounds as your family's wound. Do your father and you have something in common? Do your mother and one of her ancestors have something in common that you feel? 

Everything in this world is connected

It is important to view your ancestral lineage as a puzzle that is connected to you through your father and through your mother. Your father and your mother carry out your current puzzle into a further oblivion that may not feel important to you at this time, even though it carries an essential key to the Universe - to your Universe. 

Although you choose a mother and a father based on your own growth, you also choose to be a part of your immediate family based on the ancestral lineage you want to contribute to and learn from. As you grow through life, the past creates the future of your family and the future of you. Think of it and go within:

 What is your blood telling you about your family's wounds? What wounds specifically cloud your reality and your own essence? 

Your family is here to prosper, to grow, and to become more. You can help your family become more as you grow into your own prosperous power as an individual, as a lover, and as a fighter. Let your internal blessings of known love shower and renew your own blood with joy.

Love or Pain?

Love is chaotic. It is free and overwhelming and it is something we cannot live without. Love is the grace that enters our bodies when we enter into this world at the time of birth. Love is what our cells are made out of because we are love. Every decision, thought, movement, and hair on our body is made from love because we are a part of the Universe. Yet, our world deciphers love as the pure and unconditional substance we work so hard to attain, but never can sustain.

All creations in this world are made out of love, even if those creations come from fear, pain, or resistance. It is important that all human beings understand that pain is actually a derivative of love. Yet, how could that be? 

How could the most painful experience in our lives be anywhere close to love?

Although pain is something that we hate, it is also the greatest teacher. Darkness is our teacher and our teachers are always filled with the highest love and guidance. Pain will guide us to our highest good, if we allow her too. We come to the earth to grow, to change, and to prosper. We come to experience both love and pain because those are the substances that cause us to expand and to gain clarity.

Who am I and why am I here?  Let your pain tell you.

Pain is the teacher - the teacher that paces us through our experiences, so we may flutter our wings back to where we were always meant to be - with the Universe, with God, Goddess, and All that is. Pain is the substance that shows us the connective line of whom we are, which is a creation made from the overwhelming substance of love that we are in the collective consciousness.

Pain or love, we are still all consuming because we were given all substances for creation from God, Goddess, and All that is. Therefore, we must take every lesson as a lesson of love because pain is teaching us to embody the love we always have been. 

What is stopping you from embodying the love that you are? Follow your dreams, follow your heart, and accept your willingness because that is how you will embody the Universe. 

Your Body

Every person on this earth has a body; in fact, even plants have a body that holds the knowing, the consciousness, and the soul of Mother Earth. When we adopt into a body, our consciousness merges with it and we adopt an identity. The name, the body, and the family we are born into play a large part of the healing and growth we take part of during this lifetime of our earth journey.

 Due to this, each chakra we have connects to the energetic flow that runs through our veins, delivering information to our brain and to our organs. Although it is important to take care of our physical bodies by feeding them proper nutrition and remaining mentally healthy, it is also important to pay attention to our chakras and the energetic system that connects our consciousness to our body, making our body our consciousness.

Your root chakra is very linked to your lower body and you may notice any sort of safety and security can affect your body of the lower region. Your second chakra is related to your reproductive system. Your heart chakra is literally connected to your heart and your lungs. Each chakra is connected to your energetic system and your organs and it is important to notice this when you understand your own health and your own emotions.

Illness is very much related to your conscious growth. Even if you adopted an illness from genetics, that still related to energetics. If your family has a history of breast cancer, then that illness may exist in the energetic and spiritual flow of your ancestral roots. Finding why and where you can heal for growth can make a difference for you and your bloodline.

 It may, also, be wise to check up on your emotional state and what your emotions relate to. Do you have an autoimmune disease? Cancer? the flu? Every illness will play a part in your energetic system. Even with the food you eat, there is an energy behind the intention of every fruit, vegetable, and nutritional substance you place in your body. Where was the food created, who handled in, what is the intention behind its creation, and what is your intention by putting it in your body? 

Everything matters when it comes to our physical bodies. If you truly focus your attention to your chakras and their connection to your body, you will be able to feel your own consciousness, your own love, and your own path on a deeper level. This can alter your life, take you into deeper awareness, and bring you into a deeper connection with yourself, your family, and with God, Goddess, All That Is. 

The Heart

The most common saying that people will hear when they are attempting to conquer their dreams or making life decisions is whatever you do, you must follow your heart. That will lead you to your true purpose, your true love, and your true dreams. Although that may be true, not many truly think about what that means because following your heart is a simple feeling you must dive into when you are going through your life. So, what exactly is your heart and how is following its guidance going to bring you prosperity over following your mind or another's words? 

Your heart is the core center of you. You have seven chakras that are in your actual body and your heart is the fourth chakra. Your energetic core runs directly through the middle of your heart and your core consciousness lies there. Although your core consciousness also lies in your root chakra, your sacral chakra, as well as every other chakra you have, the heart is the most important. Your heart holds your inner child, your inner adolescent, your yearning, your excitement, and your dreams. It balances out the lower chakras of this world with the higher chakras of the Spirit realm.

Your heart is where all reason, logic, and impossible hope and dreams come together to create the life, the purpose, and the path you were always destined to become. 

The heart chakra is all about love. It truly means unhurt and unstuck. When your heart is open, you are able to deeply connect to the Divine in all things, whether that be in a Spiritual realm or in the Earthly realm you walk on. It is where you feel, where you can truly sense your own awareness, and it is where all appreciation of beauty comes from. Your human desire to have compassion, to make change, and to alter the face of this planet - that comes from your heart. 

The heart is compassion, it is love, and it is growth. Whenever you have blocks around your heart, you may be struggling to connect with yourself, your beauty, and the relative components of your reality that help enhance the joy in you that brings life to your mirrored surroundings. When we embody our heart, our lives become the love that we are and we become the everflowing cup that embodies beauty. 

Live Your Consciousness

As we enter into the Spring months of this year, the continuation of death, doubts, and fears begin to subside through the sun's brightness. This past season of reflection and growth brings about newness in self. Death is an ongoing process, but this year of 2018 is a time to truly bathe in the truth of whom we are and live that truth.

Life is a gift that is meant to be treasured. We are to love, become, and live out the truth of our consciousness through the physical tangibility Mother Earth gives us.

The time is now to reflect and decide whom you are becoming. You chose to come down to this earth to forget your truth in knowing for mastery. You chose to blend and create karmic patterns of love and pain, so you may discover what love truly is. Love becomes enhances and stronger in beauty when it is lost through our painful knowing. 

Yet, we must know that love is never leaving and darkness is a beautiful teacher that works with us through God, Goddess, and All that is. Healing must not be rushed, but cherished through the connection of oneness we create and embrace here on Earth. Wherever we are in our consciousness in the moment of now is enough. We must embrace and love our energetic soil, waking up to the love that is life. 

Our consciousness is alive now and forevermore. We are consciousness that holds a beautiful body of sacredness for gifted growth. As we enter into the month of March and embrace the Full moon that arrives on the first of the month, we are to dive deep into our creative wombs and blend our consciousness into creation for growth and healing, so we may experience the true knowing of self. 

In the moment of now, we must dissolve all and any negative past times and thoughts we have into the fire of our hearts and embrace the loving core that is our true essence. We must remain in our heart center and dissolve the mind's limitations to become the consciousness we have always known we are. 

The Core Essence

Every person on this earth has a core essence and each person is filled with beauty, grace, and absolute love. As we come here to experience life on earth, we are entering into a path filled with pain, lessons, and the highest love of the universe. It is how we grow and it is how we expand our awareness to understand whom we are. 

At the center of each person is a stream of pure consciousness that may never be hurt or damaged. It is the truth of whom we are and always remembers the universal consciousness of self and the universal consciousness of the universe. It is purity and it is Source. This core essence runs through the center of your body and can range in different sizes. It affects your journey and it affects your growth. 

This core essence can be said to contain three main colors of blue, red, and yellow. Those colors will range from left to right and each color holds a current of energy that contributes to whom you are. The blue current is supportive and helps you function in daily life through inspiration. The red current is held in the center for a reason. It has your soul's purpose, directing your life towards fulfilling that growth. The golden light on the right has the current wisdom of the Universe, from the past and from the cosmos. 

These three currents contribute to your path, your relationships, and to your everyday movements on your journey. This core part of you never can be touched, damaged, or leave. Although earth can be filled with growth, lessons, and pain, it is important to know that your core is beautiful, your core is strong, and your core is you that is always in existence. 

It is suggested to tap into your core essence. It can help you with your life, with your growth, and with your trust in moving forward in your life, growing and becoming more of the in - depth truth that exists inside of you. 

The Chakras

The human body is a complex organism. It is filled with energy that is undeniably strong. Before humanity was apart of the New Age, cultures carried around the idea that every human body carries a life force that is powerful, beautiful, and extremely real. Today, that belief stands strong, and science as well as technology contributes to that belief, and adds a bit more to that truth. 

The human body holds each essence that we are, and each essence carries energy from our feet up into our head. It is a cycling circle. Throughout the body, there are seven chakras. These chakras are seven centers in our body that hold energy and move energy through the many parts of our body, keeping the cycle of energy flowing for our health and wellbeing. 

Our chakras help keep our body, mind, and spirit in balance - it is the natural cycle of life. 

The first chakra is about stability, roots, and day to day living and survival. It is even called the root chakra. It is located at the base of the spine and is the lowest chakra point on your body. When your root chakra is stable, you will feel safe, confident, and secure. The color of this chakra is red. 

The second chakra is your sacral chakra. It is located just above the root chakra and above your belly button. It holds the color orange. This chakra is where your emotions are held, your sexuality is held, and your sense of self remain here. This is where your creativity may stem from as well as your pleasure center. This chakra is extremely important to your well - being. 

The third chakra is your solar plexus and it is just below your heart and above your sacral chakra. It holds the color yellow and is your power center. Anything involving self - esteem, confidence, and personal power lies here. Your wisdom also is held in this chakra. 

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and is located in your chest, where your heart is. The color of this chakra is green, and it relates to everything involving your heart. Love, compassion, kindness, and truth of whom you are comes from your heart chakra. This chakra will focus on self - love and your love for others.

The fifth chakra is your throat chakra and it is located above your heart. This chakra is all about using your voice and standing up for yourself. It is to speak from your heart and use your words to express yourself. The color of this chakra is blue. 

The sixth chakra is your third eye. It is located on your face, in between your eyebrows. This is where all intuition, psychic, and sensory information comes from. It is bringing in information through the senses, beyond the physical and material world. The pineal gland is located here, as well, where light is held. The color of this chakra is indigo. 

The seventh chakra is your crown chakra. This chakra is a light violet color that is almost white. This is the purest conscious energy there is. This chakra connects you to other realms and is how you bring in your Higher Self into your field. Being balanced in this chakra is about being aligned with Higher Self and the truth of whom you are. 

Keeping our chakras balanced, loved, and confident is important to living a balanced life. Once we feel each center and allow it to guide our lives, we can better heal and grow into our own truth and awareness. 



Life is a rollercoaster, filled with endless emotion and endless love. Yet, the love we have and the love we receive, comes from the emotional ride we go through, each and every day. As we grow into our power and into the true essence of whom we are, we must allow growth to occur. Growth will occur in many forms, and all forms of growth exist through change.

Change is the process of loss and gain, where we become a new resonance of deeper love, grace, and beauty. 

Change is scary - it can feel like death, it can feel new, and it can feel like the distant unknown. Yet, change is what life is about, because change is the process of healing. Each avenue we embark down has beauty that fulfills whom we are. Yet, sometimes, we must go beyond the beauty that we are in the present moment of now, and become the beauty, of the future, that we never thought we could be. 

In this, loss is very real, as is grief, fear, and negativity. We must be conscious of where we are headed and we must sift through the old and the new with Higher Self. Life is a gift and it is a journey we are on towards deeper resonance with ourselves. Change exists so the past can heal, and the future can mold our truth into physicality. 

Be okay in the now, because that is where the truth of knowing exists, but know that your truth within becomes deeper with healing, change, and abundant blessings.  


Everything on this planet is of beauty and of grace. The earth is filled with gems that hold love, light, and clarity, bringing Universal Oneness to the atmosphere. As humans, we can participate, love, and grow with our world and all of the contents that derive from it. Crystals are important parts of that world, and tremendously make a difference to our lives. 

As with anything, crystals came to life through the natural flow of creation. In each crystal, there is an essence, just as each one of us has an essence. Each crystal has a different dimension, shape, format, and vibration. Through the long standing history of crystals, there are ancient ones, fairly new ones, and crystals that have held information for ages. 

When you work with crystals, you are working with energy that supplies love, healing, and growth to your own journey. There is a co - creation at hand when you and a crystal bond, creating a relationship. Each crystal comes from a different area and each crystal has a certain healing property, as well as a unique attribute to it's choice. 

Depending on which crystal you may invest in, there will always be a reason for your relationship to it. Just as we manifest people and opportunities for our growth, we can also manifest crystals, as their properties, history, and ancient magic contains wisdom that may help us expand past the truth of time. 


Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse

As we approach the end of the month of January, we enter deeper into the year of acceptance and deeper into the truths of ourselves. Feelings may be arising and feelings may be falling, but change is happening, whether we like it or not. On January 31, 2018, there will be a total lunar eclipse that falls in the sign of Leo.

This event of Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is monumental to this year and to our own personal growth with Spirit. 

This time is a time for releasing and this time is a time for change. Lunar eclipses are about letting the endings go and bringing the beginnings in. This future doorway of the January Lunar Eclipse brings about the shining light of truth for our lives and it brings about the inner guidance from Spirit into our lives, guiding us into totality of love. 

The past few days and the upcoming few days may feel odd with energy, or they may even feel a bit intense. It is going to affect everyone and everything on this planet. The energy of the moon may bring about unbalance or a rocky feeling within our hearts, for the purpose of bringing about change. You may feel off or have feelings that come out of nowhere and don't seem to apply to your life, and you may also feel unaware of where you are at in life. All of this is happening for a reason.

This time is for the walls to fall down, and the release to end so we can walk deeper into whom we are. We must remember to believe in ourselves, have faith, and know this intense time brings about different energies to connect us to our hearts, our minds, and the truth of self. It is time to walk deeper into the year of 2018 with Higher Self and allow roots of Spirit to root in ourselves.

Creating a crystal grid, dreaming, meditating, and being within ourselves during this time is very important for our growth and co-creation with the planet. Allow the blessings to flow from the night's watery movement of the moon can bring transformative growth like never before. 

The Earth

The Earth is a beautiful place, filled with tangibility that echoes the truth of the universe. Whether that is in our own human bodies, the soil our feet stand on, or the blooming flowers that support us through our journey, it is the love that is. As human beings, we come down to this beautiful plane to learn, to grow, and to heal. 

Each person has a specific purpose for their physical journey. Through each lifetime, expansion of this purpose is achieved as growth and healing occurs. As we explore along our path, healing of our relationships, our wounds, and our karma, brings us deeper into all that we are. 

Earth was, originally, created as an experiment, and it's foundation, continuously, strengthens the resonance of Spirit, allowing the core love that exists in all things to become impactful. 

As we choose to grow through life, there are multitudes of opportunity to discover the truth that exists within ourselves. That truth connects to all things, bringing together the oneness that is the Universe. The earth holds the core consciousness of life and we are that life. We must allow the earth to support our journey through healing, as we give it the respect and life it gives us.

The fear of the unknown and the chaos that exists from pain can help us trust in the stability of  the earth. Focusing on expanding ourselves, healing ourselves, and loving ourselves with conscious awareness, will bring our journey closer to the the oneness that exists in all things. 


Life is everlasting. It takes us on a journey, so we may visit the peaks of our pain, and dive into the valleys of our dreams. Our own personal life experiences are there to bring us closer to the inner wisdom and truth of whom we are.  When we are children, we begin to understand ourselves, and as we enter into adolescence, we begin to remember and experiment further with the complexity of our own knowledge. In all of our own explorations of becoming, acceptance of whom we are is how we may allow the expansion of self to continue to exist.

Acceptance is how we may create an intimate relationship with ourselves and with the reality that we create. It is apart of the complimentary components that define the love that we are. 

When we accept ourselves and our reality, we are able to see our desires and creations, clearly. Visual tangibility helps us understand the impact of our actions, and from there, we can allow our lives and self to be. The breath of life and the breath of existence is what drives us towards our dreams, past the pain of the past, and into the future of the unknown. Acceptance helps us decide where we choose to take our breath. Whether we go into the caves of darkness, or into the clouds of light, we are the love that exists.

Our love can go anywhere, and expand into a greatness that is far beyond our own awareness. All we must do is accept and allow the life we are to be and choose to become the life we desire to be, with the hopes and dreams of our creative beliefs. 


As human beings, we know we have a beating heart and we know that we are alive because we are breathing. We know plants are alive because they help us live, and we know our pets have life because they have a body. Yet, what about the energy that surrounds us and the things that don't have physical proof of life? How do we know that the table or couch we sit on is alive, or the crystals that we use when we meditate are alive? Life is simple. It is all depth of tangibility and all depth of invisibility. 

Life is existence - it is the conceptual depth of the unknown and it is the energetic component of essence that lies in each thing.

Every creation has the energy of it's creator and it has the energy of life's substantial DNA.  Just as a child has prior lifetimes of wisdom and the DNA of their parents, so does any other form of life. A business, a crystal, and even a simple item that we use everyday has substantial thought, mold, creation, and DNA. These components contain the expansiveness of life that exists. We can be whatever we desire to be and our existence in this world contains many forms of life because life is vast, and that vastness takes us into the unknown. 

As we expand, we are becoming more and more aware of that life within ourselves and that life can carry us beyond the capacity we believe we have in the moment of now.  

Why Physicality?

Physicality may be something that we all question in our day to day lives, or it may be something we have never thought about. Yet, the truth is, we all have come down to this planet to be in a physical body and to be around physical creations that feel extremely real, as they are. In knowing this, there is a common question: What is the point? Well, being in a body and being in a world where there are tangible creations is important to growth and it is important to understanding the dynamics of the universe. 

Living in a body is for the simplistic purpose of understanding that we are real, that we are love, and that we are impactful beings. 

Our home is in a physical form - our body is our temple, as is the reality we create through our thoughts and actions. Form and formless thought, creation, and acts are the same, but the illusion of physical reality on earth and in other places, such as the stars, helps us truly understand the essence of our core self. The deepest purpose of self is to be and to become - our breath and movement to breathe deeper, helps us accomplish this. 

Reality is a mirror reflection of awareness that is needed, we may accomplish the dying desire to experience more of the love that we are. Physicality is a gift - it is the living proof of life that every being is. 

The Shadow

There are many parts of the self that we have. Whether that is our inner child, our inner adolescent, or even our ego, there is immensity to learn. Aside from those aspects of the self, we also have our shadow. Every person has a shadow, which is light, as well as dark. Specifically, the darker shadow is present in the darker times of the year, such as the end of this current year. As you notice, light does not stay lit past the early afternoon. The end of the year can be a time to be in the pain and the darkness of ourselves, so we can birth anew and be in the light of our true selves.

Our shadow is there to hold the parts of ourselves that we cannot hold, be aware of, or look at in the current moment.

 The dark shadow is what holds all of the dark part of ourselves as well as the dark experiences we are not, yet, ready to deal with. For example, if we were abandoned as a child, our dark shadow will hold the hurt, the pain, and the experience, until we are at a presently strong state to be able to handle it. The light shadow holds all of the light parts of ourselves and our human experience that we tend to not want to look at or are ready to hold in awareness. For example, if you have a gift that is of beauty, but you are not ready to be that beauty, your light shadow will hold that for you.

As humans, we tend to lean towards our dark - focused selves or our light - focused selves, and although it is important to be in the dark or the light, it is prominent to also be in the parts of the self that are more difficult to look at, whether that is the beauty of the self or the darkness of the self. 

The shadow is beautiful and strong, even if we tend to not want to be with our shadow. It is the master key to become more than we already are. 

To Be and to Become

Every human being decided to experience life through physicality. We made the choice to expand ourselves and to become what we already are, which is a gift. We all are learning who we are, in the universal oneness, through each other and through ourselves; yet, how can we truly experience ourselves? How can we step outside of ourselves to see with clarity? It is to be, but it also is to become. 

Everything in our reality is a reflection of ourselves, whether that is a reflection of our negative sides or our positive sides and it is also a reflection of what we are, even if we are not aware of what that is. Life is a gift, and we are here to expand ourselves and to experience more of ourselves. Yet, to do that, the most important lesson we have to learn is to be content with being. Whether we choose to be mad, sad, happy, or in complete contentment, we must sit and we must be. We must take each breath knowing we are being and creating what we are and being what we are not yet aware of. 

Everything we take part in is also being. If we are being with a friend or being with an enemy, it is a choice we are making, to put our full soul into being. Each person, essentially, is a speck of God, Goddess and All that is. We are here to experience ourselves in a certain capacity, and one person's experience of expansion may be of different intention than another, but it is still to be and it is to become. We are to sit and be with others, and we are to take in the energetic formulas of each other, so we can choose to expand ourselves, in whichever way matters. All we are is an interconnected puzzle of oneness that has become separate to become more. 

Time does not exist - we have timeless infinity to experience and we have timeless chances to be more than we are, so we must be content in the process we are in now but strive in every moment to be more than we are aware of. Being content in the now - in this moment of our lives - is the key to pure peace, love, and happiness and it is the key to becoming the spark of light that exists within. 

The Ego

As human beings, we have to have an ego. It is apart of being in a physical body and it is necessary for our survival. The ego is there to transmute our thoughts and visuals into words and it helps us in understanding, as well. The ego is transmuting my own thoughts and understanding into words in this exact posting. The ego is what stops you from walking out into the middle of the street, getting hit by a car and the ego is what stops you from jumping off a cliff, plummeting to your death. In this capacity, the ego also has psychic abilities so it may keep you safe, and in your body.

The ego has a purpose and it is important for your growth, your survival, and your movement in this physical life. 

There is a positive ego and a negative ego. Both sides, positive and negative, are important to pay attention to and to know, for your own understanding and own knowledge of self. Each ego is different for each person and will act accordingly, depending on how it operates. For example, someone's ego may embody the concept that they are extremely special, and may even lie to them at times. When you know your positive and negative ego, you can understand how it interacts and interferes with your life, through each day.

Sometimes, what you are hearing from Spirit can simply be an interference of the ego because your ego may want to prevent you from hearing a message due to change or it may interfere when you are triggered by something. Yet, know that the ego's words may not be of intellectual wording when they are interfering. The ego views change and possible transformation as death or harm and will do what it can to protect you, even when protection is not needed.

The ego, at one point, can and may have overstepped its role, due to the lack of other roles being fulfilled by the self. In this, the ego can become more controlling, more overbearing, and may run your life. Your life is not meant to be run by the ego but is meant to be run by the self - the true you. It is important to understand all the functions of the ego, see and become familiar with your positive and negative ego, as well as set the ego free from its burdens, so you may grow, change, and transform into the beauty that you are, not letting the ego control or guess the future you are trying to co-create with Spirit. Love your ego  - it is apart of yourself, it is here to help you, and it is here to be with you in this physical life. 

I have a future

The future - we all think about it, we all strive for it to be of beauty, and we all desire it to magnify the vision of our hearts. Yet, how does future reality creation work? Who you are in this current moment is creating your future, as your past creates your future, and your present moment - your present self - will soon become the past in a moment of seconds, particularly after you read this blog post. It sounds quite complex, but can be of simplicity. 

 We are in control of our realities and every ounce of ourselves is apart of creating it.

Our wounds, our gifts, our challenges, our hearts, and our highest good creates the future and we have multiple outcomes and multiple potentials. Before we come here to experience life on earth, we set up growth-oriented events in our lives. We must work on accepting, changing, and becoming more of ourselves through our destiny. It is important to work with Higher Self, and God, Goddess, and All that is, facing the beautiful and the ugly. 

Quite a bit of our past creates our future, but it is also important to understand the ego in this reality creation. Our ego is addicted to our past, and can potentially work in trying to create and predict from our past, which can be confusing and quite tricky for us to deal with. The control is desired through the ego as the unknown future can potentially feel threatening to the ego. We must see, acknowledge and accept the unknown, letting openness flood our hearts. 

Through this, it is important to work with our future selves, to see potential outcomes, whether they be positive or negative in our minds, for the purpose of healing, and becoming more of ourselves. Although there may be some things Higher Self will not reveal to us, we can still learn. We can learn from the wisdom of our future selves in our inner world to heal and change, so we may become greater. As you begin to change yourself, those around you will respond to your enlightenment, and so will your potential futures. There are infinite possibilities, and anything is possible, we just need to believe and grow ourselves, healing our pasts, so we may enter into the abyss of abundant love.

The Adolescent

Once a child, always a child, right? Well, there comes a time, as children, when we choose to transition. We choose to get to know ourselves deeper, and we choose to start the transition towards adulthood. This is when we become adolescents.

Adolescence is filled with change, beauty, and growth - it is a time to become more of who we are.

It is the first time we are re-experiencing our childhood. We are children from the time we are born till around the age of twelve. Once we choose to embrace adolescence and not let innocence fully encompass us, we begin this next phase. From the age of twelve until the age of twenty-one, we are in adolescence. At each age, we are experiencing childhood once again. When we are fifteen, we are deeply connected to our inner child at the age of five. When we are eighteen, we are connected to our inner child at the age of eight. It is the process of healing, and it is the process of growth - understanding who we are and whom we are becoming.

Adolescence is a time when we realize we may actually have power - power to get someone’s attention, power to be in a strong role, and power to lead - lead a life of whatever fills our hearts and lead a life destined for greatness. We are connecting with the deeper parts of ourselves, separating from our parents on a deeper level, and becoming more reliant on ourselves. Everything seems like life or death, but that is because this beautiful change is new, different, and at times, challenging, as we learn to rise into our full selves. 

Your adolescent is still alive, living and breathing the life they experience - the life you experience. Just as it is important to love your child, it is important to love your adolescent, giving them spiritual parents, visiting your adolescent in your inner world with Higher Self, and helping them grow, be of power, and change into the person their heart destines them to be through unconditional love. 


The Universal Promise

Promises - we all try to keep them and sometimes we succeed, while other times, we tend to fail. Simply put, this rollercoaster of change represents our relationship with the universe - the universal promise. This promise is a promise we made to God, Goddess, and All that is and a promise God, Goddess, and All that is made back to us. 

God, Goddess, and All that is will always be there for us and in return, as we go through the rigors of life, we promise, to return home. 

We separate, and that separation has resulted in this promise. Each and every day, we are going through the labyrinth of life, navigating our way through the narrows of pain, suffering, and joy. We are attempting to figure out what we are doing, where we are going, and how to live a life of wonder that encompasses the beautiful consciousness of the universe. To fulfill our side of the promise, it is to become more conscious. It is being all that we are, moving beyond the fears, the needs, and the pain. It is working with Higher Self and it is connecting with God, Goddess, and All that is, allowing them to help us rise through the physical realm to a higher state of consciousness. It is learning and allowing ourselves to love each other and love God, Goddess and All that is, because the greatest leson, and the greatest intimacy, is love. The more we become and grow into our expanded selves, the closer we are to fulfilling that promise. 

God, Goddess, and All that is, is always there for us. They are constantly loving us, supporting us, and guiding us so we may reach, grow, and change into more of the universe. They have a promise to fulfill, too, and they fulfill it, each and every day. Yet, we have to allow them to be there and we have to allow them to fulfill the promise. We have to trust God, Goddess, and All that is and let there be an everlasting flow of graciousness. 

Love is beautiful and it is sacred. It is what this universe is made of and it is what we are trying to become more of. Each and every day, as we fulfill our promise to the universe, love encompasses the mind of our physical reality, bringing us closer to home.