The Core Essence

Every person on this earth has a core essence and each person is filled with beauty, grace, and absolute love. As we come here to experience life on earth, we are entering into a path filled with pain, lessons, and the highest love of the universe. It is how we grow and it is how we expand our awareness to understand whom we are. 

At the center of each person is a stream of pure consciousness that may never be hurt or damaged. It is the truth of whom we are and always remembers the universal consciousness of self and the universal consciousness of the universe. It is purity and it is Source. This core essence runs through the center of your body and can range in different sizes. It affects your journey and it affects your growth. 

This core essence can be said to contain three main colors of blue, red, and yellow. Those colors will range from left to right and each color holds a current of energy that contributes to whom you are. The blue current is supportive and helps you function in daily life through inspiration. The red current is held in the center for a reason. It has your soul's purpose, directing your life towards fulfilling that growth. The golden light on the right has the current wisdom of the Universe, from the past and from the cosmos. 

These three currents contribute to your path, your relationships, and to your everyday movements on your journey. This core part of you never can be touched, damaged, or leave. Although earth can be filled with growth, lessons, and pain, it is important to know that your core is beautiful, your core is strong, and your core is you that is always in existence. 

It is suggested to tap into your core essence. It can help you with your life, with your growth, and with your trust in moving forward in your life, growing and becoming more of the in - depth truth that exists inside of you.