Dreamweaver - Sound Alchemy

Where Sound Meets Sacred Geometry

The Dreamweaver is a planetary healing tool that utilizes Sound, Geometry and Cymatic principals to provide you with an extraordinary healing and integrative experience.

The transformational aspect of the Dreamweaver along with state of the art energy and sound tools are to be experienced!  Your body and mind will be transported in to an infinite dimension of resonance and harmony within your body and alignment with the Universe.

We are energetic beings that experience frequency in our bodies in profound ways.  People that experience Dreamweaver sessions report amazing effects:

  • Reduced stress, reduced physical pain, improved sleep, deepened breathing and strengthened immune system.
  • Increased clarity and focus, enhanced creativity and productivity, balanced brainwaves and quieted mind.
  • Relief of emotional pain, a profound feeling of being soothed and nurtured, release and transformation of grief, anger and fear.
  • A feeling of inner peace and joy, enhanced awareness and connection to source. 
  • On all bodies, the chakras and meridians balanced.



Dreamweaver sessions:      45 minutes ~ $140                    90 minute ~ $195          Group ~ $333 per person

Dreamweaver session includes Amethyst Bio Mat and Amethyst/Tourmaline pillow

For more information call (949)547-9562 or email matizewellnesscenter@gmail.com.