The Earth

The Earth is a beautiful place, filled with tangibility that echoes the truth of the universe. Whether that is in our own human bodies, the soil our feet stand on, or the blooming flowers that support us through our journey, it is the love that is. As human beings, we come down to this beautiful plane to learn, to grow, and to heal. 

Each person has a specific purpose for their physical journey. Through each lifetime, expansion of this purpose is achieved as growth and healing occurs. As we explore along our path, healing of our relationships, our wounds, and our karma, brings us deeper into all that we are. 

Earth was, originally, created as an experiment, and it's foundation, continuously, strengthens the resonance of Spirit, allowing the core love that exists in all things to become impactful. 

As we choose to grow through life, there are multitudes of opportunity to discover the truth that exists within ourselves. That truth connects to all things, bringing together the oneness that is the Universe. The earth holds the core consciousness of life and we are that life. We must allow the earth to support our journey through healing, as we give it the respect and life it gives us.

The fear of the unknown and the chaos that exists from pain can help us trust in the stability of  the earth. Focusing on expanding ourselves, healing ourselves, and loving ourselves with conscious awareness, will bring our journey closer to the the oneness that exists in all things.