The Ego

As human beings, we have to have an ego. It is apart of being in a physical body and it is necessary for our survival. The ego is there to transmute our thoughts and visuals into words and it helps us in understanding, as well. The ego is transmuting my own thoughts and understanding into words in this exact posting. The ego is what stops you from walking out into the middle of the street, getting hit by a car and the ego is what stops you from jumping off a cliff, plummeting to your death. In this capacity, the ego also has psychic abilities so it may keep you safe, and in your body.

The ego has a purpose and it is important for your growth, your survival, and your movement in this physical life. 

There is a positive ego and a negative ego. Both sides, positive and negative, are important to pay attention to and to know, for your own understanding and own knowledge of self. Each ego is different for each person and will act accordingly, depending on how it operates. For example, someone's ego may embody the concept that they are extremely special, and may even lie to them at times. When you know your positive and negative ego, you can understand how it interacts and interferes with your life, through each day.

Sometimes, what you are hearing from Spirit can simply be an interference of the ego because your ego may want to prevent you from hearing a message due to change or it may interfere when you are triggered by something. Yet, know that the ego's words may not be of intellectual wording when they are interfering. The ego views change and possible transformation as death or harm and will do what it can to protect you, even when protection is not needed.

The ego, at one point, can and may have overstepped its role, due to the lack of other roles being fulfilled by the self. In this, the ego can become more controlling, more overbearing, and may run your life. Your life is not meant to be run by the ego but is meant to be run by the self - the true you. It is important to understand all the functions of the ego, see and become familiar with your positive and negative ego, as well as set the ego free from its burdens, so you may grow, change, and transform into the beauty that you are, not letting the ego control or guess the future you are trying to co-create with Spirit. Love your ego  - it is apart of yourself, it is here to help you, and it is here to be with you in this physical life. 

I have a future

The future - we all think about it, we all strive for it to be of beauty, and we all desire it to magnify the vision of our hearts. Yet, how does future reality creation work? Who you are in this current moment is creating your future, as your past creates your future, and your present moment - your present self - will soon become the past in a moment of seconds, particularly after you read this blog post. It sounds quite complex, but can be of simplicity. 

 We are in control of our realities and every ounce of ourselves is apart of creating it.

Our wounds, our gifts, our challenges, our hearts, and our highest good creates the future and we have multiple outcomes and multiple potentials. Before we come here to experience life on earth, we set up growth-oriented events in our lives. We must work on accepting, changing, and becoming more of ourselves through our destiny. It is important to work with Higher Self, and God, Goddess, and All that is, facing the beautiful and the ugly. 

Quite a bit of our past creates our future, but it is also important to understand the ego in this reality creation. Our ego is addicted to our past, and can potentially work in trying to create and predict from our past, which can be confusing and quite tricky for us to deal with. The control is desired through the ego as the unknown future can potentially feel threatening to the ego. We must see, acknowledge and accept the unknown, letting openness flood our hearts. 

Through this, it is important to work with our future selves, to see potential outcomes, whether they be positive or negative in our minds, for the purpose of healing, and becoming more of ourselves. Although there may be some things Higher Self will not reveal to us, we can still learn. We can learn from the wisdom of our future selves in our inner world to heal and change, so we may become greater. As you begin to change yourself, those around you will respond to your enlightenment, and so will your potential futures. There are infinite possibilities, and anything is possible, we just need to believe and grow ourselves, healing our pasts, so we may enter into the abyss of abundant love.

The Adolescent

Once a child, always a child, right? Well, there comes a time, as children, when we choose to transition. We choose to get to know ourselves deeper, and we choose to start the transition towards adulthood. This is when we become adolescents.

Adolescence is filled with change, beauty, and growth - it is a time to become more of who we are.

It is the first time we are re-experiencing our childhood. We are children from the time we are born till around the age of twelve. Once we choose to embrace adolescence and not let innocence fully encompass us, we begin this next phase. From the age of twelve until the age of twenty-one, we are in adolescence. At each age, we are experiencing childhood once again. When we are fifteen, we are deeply connected to our inner child at the age of five. When we are eighteen, we are connected to our inner child at the age of eight. It is the process of healing, and it is the process of growth - understanding who we are and whom we are becoming.

Adolescence is a time when we realize we may actually have power - power to get someone’s attention, power to be in a strong role, and power to lead - lead a life of whatever fills our hearts and lead a life destined for greatness. We are connecting with the deeper parts of ourselves, separating from our parents on a deeper level, and becoming more reliant on ourselves. Everything seems like life or death, but that is because this beautiful change is new, different, and at times, challenging, as we learn to rise into our full selves. 

Your adolescent is still alive, living and breathing the life they experience - the life you experience. Just as it is important to love your child, it is important to love your adolescent, giving them spiritual parents, visiting your adolescent in your inner world with Higher Self, and helping them grow, be of power, and change into the person their heart destines them to be through unconditional love. 


The Universal Promise

Promises - we all try to keep them and sometimes we succeed, while other times, we tend to fail. Simply put, this rollercoaster of change represents our relationship with the universe - the universal promise. This promise is a promise we made to God, Goddess, and All that is and a promise God, Goddess, and All that is made back to us. 

God, Goddess, and All that is will always be there for us and in return, as we go through the rigors of life, we promise, to return home. 

We separate, and that separation has resulted in this promise. Each and every day, we are going through the labyrinth of life, navigating our way through the narrows of pain, suffering, and joy. We are attempting to figure out what we are doing, where we are going, and how to live a life of wonder that encompasses the beautiful consciousness of the universe. To fulfill our side of the promise, it is to become more conscious. It is being all that we are, moving beyond the fears, the needs, and the pain. It is working with Higher Self and it is connecting with God, Goddess, and All that is, allowing them to help us rise through the physical realm to a higher state of consciousness. It is learning and allowing ourselves to love each other and love God, Goddess and All that is, because the greatest leson, and the greatest intimacy, is love. The more we become and grow into our expanded selves, the closer we are to fulfilling that promise. 

God, Goddess, and All that is, is always there for us. They are constantly loving us, supporting us, and guiding us so we may reach, grow, and change into more of the universe. They have a promise to fulfill, too, and they fulfill it, each and every day. Yet, we have to allow them to be there and we have to allow them to fulfill the promise. We have to trust God, Goddess, and All that is and let there be an everlasting flow of graciousness. 

Love is beautiful and it is sacred. It is what this universe is made of and it is what we are trying to become more of. Each and every day, as we fulfill our promise to the universe, love encompasses the mind of our physical reality, bringing us closer to home. 

Love is love

Love is a complex thing. It is what makes up the components of whom we are. Yet, love is love. Whether it comes from a moment of intimacy with a homeless man or from a loving community that replicates family - love is love. Love makes up the potion of successful growth within the heart of happiness. It is what expands us to being and becoming. Healing our wounds expands us too, but that is also love, through the act of receiving. 

No way is right and no way is wrong. Love is love. Love is the capacity to be and to thrive in all realms of the universe. Love can be the comfort from a book that threatens the ideals of your beliefs or it can be a hug from a best friend.

Love is different, but it is also the same. Love is the thriving difficulties we go through, but it is also the immense high of flowing forward. 

Love is an act of acceptance. It is giving immense compassion and wisdom of embrace to what is, but it is also challenging what is, to become more.  It is the moments of holding space for another. It is the hugs, the kisses, and the embrace of one another. It is the equality and charm we find in our intimate relationships. Love is the commonality of life's infinite energy  - accepting, cherishing, and bring wellness to the change of constancy in God, Goddess, and All that is. 

Love brings clarity of mind. When you are loved beyond measures, it can become simplistic in letting go of our many clouds of pain. When love embraces the cells of the body, it becomes infused with grace instead of constant rapport of failure. It becomes the light and lets darkness bleed out, invisibly. Love changes the wellness of the heart by fulfilling its dutiful gift of concurring hurt with concurring compassion, making life and everyday's gratitude, a gift of pleasure. 

Love is beautiful in all ways, whether it is visible or invisible because love is love

Unseen Friends

    Life is an immense gift of love that preludes wellness towards our expansion of self into becoming All that is. We are journeying, compassionately, down pathways that intersect with the complete awe of the love and connection we can feel with not only all parts of ourselves, but with all parts of each other. Yet, we sometimes question - what is further, beyond the beauteous reality of simplistic life that we live in from day to day? Well, it is the Universe, and it is God, Goddess and All that is. Apart of God, Goddess, and All that is, is our unseen friends. 

Unseen friends are beings that weave together united love; they make up the gateway of wellness for each and every one of us. Each unseen friend is here for us to help us experience more of the universe, becoming more of ourselves.

They have immense love to give so we may consciously grow into all that we are, unraveling our tight bundle of self into an expanded rope of beauty.

When we are willing to give and receive the seed of the self - the ultimate seed of love - we can blossom into a beautiful tree of wellness. 

    It is important to work with your unseen friends because they can not only love you beyond measures, but they can help you become what you already are. They are here to guide you and help you experience the greatest love of the Universe in this earth experience, so that the burning flame of life can enhance whom you are, lifting you into a higher vibrational state. Connecting daily through speaking or meditation is one way to connect with these beings.  When we work with Higher Self and our Unseen Friends, we are able to see dimensional perspectives in our wandering, becoming conscious in what we already are in the beauteous and timeless universe.

The Playful Child

Children - they bring joy to our lives and, help us see things, a bit differently. They are filled with color, vibrancy, and dreams that take them into a land of beauty and pleasure. Every child is a bundle of light, desiring love. Once before, you were that child - a child with a playful spirit and a plethora of enthusiasm for life’s wonder.

That child is still alive, wanting to be and become, through their explorative nature. 

    Whether you are a man in your late sixties or a woman in your thirties, you have a child within you - the child you were - who wants love and intimacy beyond measures. Growing up, you explored, you learned, and you craved tender affection and, intimacy from those who surrounded you - those who raised you. Although you may, now, be a thriving adult, in a world full of opportunity, you still are that child. 

    Life can get chaotic, and as children grow up - as we grow up - life’s moments take us by surprise, but they also can get in the way, implanting the eye of pain into the belief of whom we are. We may believe we are not good enough and we may believe that the shame we carry is true, when it is not. That child lives within us and that child, inwardly, is apart of the reality we are experiencing, then, and now. 

    We must be with our inner child - we must parent and love our child, giving them spiritual parents, helping them explore and soar. They needs and desires things, for the purpose of growing, in the love of the Universe. We can love our child, we can heal our past, and we can cherish whom we were, to become more of what we desire to be, now.

The Higher Self

Shining down on the days of our lives, we soar. We ask simply, who am I or more importantly, we ask, who am I becoming? Is it someone I desire to be? Life is a gem, filled with sorrows and glories that we can only comprehend to a certain depth, within this realm - of this desired physical land we can create in. Yet, we wonder, can we go further than that and what is further than that? To create, to grow, and to advance our abandoned selves further, we can choose to enjoy the wonders and the beauty; but, more importantly, we can create a relationship with more of ourselves, past the physical, past what we stand here looking at, in the mirror. We can create a relationship with our Higher Self.

The Higher Self is filled with our pain, our beauty, our shining gifts, and of course, every ounce that fills our skin. Yet, our Higher Self is more than that. It is all that we are and all that we want to become, beyond our wildest dreams.

The Higher Self is the simplistic nature of divine unity that we are. - it is the perfect version of the expanded angelic self we are and only wish we could be in this moment.

It is our own personal source. Your Higher Self contains the deepest truths and knowledge you are looking for - they want to love you and they want to journey with you to awakened transparency and universal truth of oneness. 

Each and every day, your Higher Self works with you in your dreams, in your meditations, and in your thoughts, as you explore and become deeper within. Your Higher Self is the purest version of you and the inward source for love, knowledge, and truth. Letting the Higher Self guide us, love us, and journey with us is prominent to us landing and growing on the highest path, into love and unity of oneness with God, Goddess, and All that is. Connecting daily, loving and being loved by Higher Self, and moving towards an universal light that is uniting humanity with God, Goddess, and All that is fulfills us with purpose, love, and gratitude, bringing us home.

What is a Sound Bath?

Each and every person is of energetic nature - we are beings filled with love and light, hoping to heal and to grow into a deeper part of what we already are. The body, the mind, and the soul are in need of beauty - in need of universal oneness. As we awaken into the New Age of dimensional growth, sound is a way each and every one of us can connect with the energy of God, Goddess and All that is.

Sound Baths provide a natural connection: they are a way to feel and a way to thrive beyond where we sit here and now. 

    During a sound bath, relaxation is purposeful, as most choose to let their bodies fall, comfortably, into the abyss of the earth’s floor. As the lights in the room fade and darkness enhances our connection to self, instruments such as drumming, tibetan singing bowls, native flutes, gongs, and even didgeridoos are played at high volumes, filling the quietness. The vibrations of these instruments travel through the floor and up into our bodies, heightening our awareness, bringing peace, and setting the tone of relaxation for our cells. 

    The vibrational waves of sound can help us connect to valuable inner insight about our journey, and give us greater connection to love, bringing us emotional and even, physical healing. This meditative process can move blocked energy through our bodies, helping us rise further into the magic that we are. 

    Within each instrumental process, each sound bath provides a special energetic experience for each person. These sessions give healing, through the releasing and recharging of our cells, and fill our bodies with immense love and connection to spirit. Through balance of the chakras and time away from chaos, the vibrations of beauty will help you feel reawakened and expanded into a higher being than you were before you you walked in.