The Ego

As human beings, we have to have an ego. It is apart of being in a physical body and it is necessary for our survival. The ego is there to transmute our thoughts and visuals into words and it helps us in understanding, as well. The ego is transmuting my own thoughts and understanding into words in this exact posting. The ego is what stops you from walking out into the middle of the street, getting hit by a car and the ego is what stops you from jumping off a cliff, plummeting to your death. In this capacity, the ego also has psychic abilities so it may keep you safe, and in your body.

The ego has a purpose and it is important for your growth, your survival, and your movement in this physical life. 

There is a positive ego and a negative ego. Both sides, positive and negative, are important to pay attention to and to know, for your own understanding and own knowledge of self. Each ego is different for each person and will act accordingly, depending on how it operates. For example, someone's ego may embody the concept that they are extremely special, and may even lie to them at times. When you know your positive and negative ego, you can understand how it interacts and interferes with your life, through each day.

Sometimes, what you are hearing from Spirit can simply be an interference of the ego because your ego may want to prevent you from hearing a message due to change or it may interfere when you are triggered by something. Yet, know that the ego's words may not be of intellectual wording when they are interfering. The ego views change and possible transformation as death or harm and will do what it can to protect you, even when protection is not needed.

The ego, at one point, can and may have overstepped its role, due to the lack of other roles being fulfilled by the self. In this, the ego can become more controlling, more overbearing, and may run your life. Your life is not meant to be run by the ego but is meant to be run by the self - the true you. It is important to understand all the functions of the ego, see and become familiar with your positive and negative ego, as well as set the ego free from its burdens, so you may grow, change, and transform into the beauty that you are, not letting the ego control or guess the future you are trying to co-create with Spirit. Love your ego  - it is apart of yourself, it is here to help you, and it is here to be with you in this physical life.