To Be and to Become

Every human being decided to experience life through physicality. We made the choice to expand ourselves and to become what we already are, which is a gift. We all are learning who we are, in the universal oneness, through each other and through ourselves; yet, how can we truly experience ourselves? How can we step outside of ourselves to see with clarity? It is to be, but it also is to become. 

Everything in our reality is a reflection of ourselves, whether that is a reflection of our negative sides or our positive sides and it is also a reflection of what we are, even if we are not aware of what that is. Life is a gift, and we are here to expand ourselves and to experience more of ourselves. Yet, to do that, the most important lesson we have to learn is to be content with being. Whether we choose to be mad, sad, happy, or in complete contentment, we must sit and we must be. We must take each breath knowing we are being and creating what we are and being what we are not yet aware of. 

Everything we take part in is also being. If we are being with a friend or being with an enemy, it is a choice we are making, to put our full soul into being. Each person, essentially, is a speck of God, Goddess and All that is. We are here to experience ourselves in a certain capacity, and one person's experience of expansion may be of different intention than another, but it is still to be and it is to become. We are to sit and be with others, and we are to take in the energetic formulas of each other, so we can choose to expand ourselves, in whichever way matters. All we are is an interconnected puzzle of oneness that has become separate to become more. 

Time does not exist - we have timeless infinity to experience and we have timeless chances to be more than we are, so we must be content in the process we are in now but strive in every moment to be more than we are aware of. Being content in the now - in this moment of our lives - is the key to pure peace, love, and happiness and it is the key to becoming the spark of light that exists within.