The Shadow

There are many parts of the self that we have. Whether that is our inner child, our inner adolescent, or even our ego, there is immensity to learn. Aside from those aspects of the self, we also have our shadow. Every person has a shadow, which is light, as well as dark. Specifically, the darker shadow is present in the darker times of the year, such as the end of this current year. As you notice, light does not stay lit past the early afternoon. The end of the year can be a time to be in the pain and the darkness of ourselves, so we can birth anew and be in the light of our true selves.

Our shadow is there to hold the parts of ourselves that we cannot hold, be aware of, or look at in the current moment.

 The dark shadow is what holds all of the dark part of ourselves as well as the dark experiences we are not, yet, ready to deal with. For example, if we were abandoned as a child, our dark shadow will hold the hurt, the pain, and the experience, until we are at a presently strong state to be able to handle it. The light shadow holds all of the light parts of ourselves and our human experience that we tend to not want to look at or are ready to hold in awareness. For example, if you have a gift that is of beauty, but you are not ready to be that beauty, your light shadow will hold that for you.

As humans, we tend to lean towards our dark - focused selves or our light - focused selves, and although it is important to be in the dark or the light, it is prominent to also be in the parts of the self that are more difficult to look at, whether that is the beauty of the self or the darkness of the self. 

The shadow is beautiful and strong, even if we tend to not want to be with our shadow. It is the master key to become more than we already are.