Why Physicality?

Physicality may be something that we all question in our day to day lives, or it may be something we have never thought about. Yet, the truth is, we all have come down to this planet to be in a physical body and to be around physical creations that feel extremely real, as they are. In knowing this, there is a common question: What is the point? Well, being in a body and being in a world where there are tangible creations is important to growth and it is important to understanding the dynamics of the universe. 

Living in a body is for the simplistic purpose of understanding that we are real, that we are love, and that we are impactful beings. 

Our home is in a physical form - our body is our temple, as is the reality we create through our thoughts and actions. Form and formless thought, creation, and acts are the same, but the illusion of physical reality on earth and in other places, such as the stars, helps us truly understand the essence of our core self. The deepest purpose of self is to be and to become - our breath and movement to breathe deeper, helps us accomplish this. 

Reality is a mirror reflection of awareness that is needed, we may accomplish the dying desire to experience more of the love that we are. Physicality is a gift - it is the living proof of life that every being is.