The Playful Child

Children - they bring joy to our lives and, help us see things, a bit differently. They are filled with color, vibrancy, and dreams that take them into a land of beauty and pleasure. Every child is a bundle of light, desiring love. Once before, you were that child - a child with a playful spirit and a plethora of enthusiasm for life’s wonder.

That child is still alive, wanting to be and become, through their explorative nature. 

    Whether you are a man in your late sixties or a woman in your thirties, you have a child within you - the child you were - who wants love and intimacy beyond measures. Growing up, you explored, you learned, and you craved tender affection and, intimacy from those who surrounded you - those who raised you. Although you may, now, be a thriving adult, in a world full of opportunity, you still are that child. 

    Life can get chaotic, and as children grow up - as we grow up - life’s moments take us by surprise, but they also can get in the way, implanting the eye of pain into the belief of whom we are. We may believe we are not good enough and we may believe that the shame we carry is true, when it is not. That child lives within us and that child, inwardly, is apart of the reality we are experiencing, then, and now. 

    We must be with our inner child - we must parent and love our child, giving them spiritual parents, helping them explore and soar. They needs and desires things, for the purpose of growing, in the love of the Universe. We can love our child, we can heal our past, and we can cherish whom we were, to become more of what we desire to be, now.