The Higher Self

Shining down on the days of our lives, we soar. We ask simply, who am I or more importantly, we ask, who am I becoming? Is it someone I desire to be? Life is a gem, filled with sorrows and glories that we can only comprehend to a certain depth, within this realm - of this desired physical land we can create in. Yet, we wonder, can we go further than that and what is further than that? To create, to grow, and to advance our abandoned selves further, we can choose to enjoy the wonders and the beauty; but, more importantly, we can create a relationship with more of ourselves, past the physical, past what we stand here looking at, in the mirror. We can create a relationship with our Higher Self.

The Higher Self is filled with our pain, our beauty, our shining gifts, and of course, every ounce that fills our skin. Yet, our Higher Self is more than that. It is all that we are and all that we want to become, beyond our wildest dreams.

The Higher Self is the simplistic nature of divine unity that we are. - it is the perfect version of the expanded angelic self we are and only wish we could be in this moment.

It is our own personal source. Your Higher Self contains the deepest truths and knowledge you are looking for - they want to love you and they want to journey with you to awakened transparency and universal truth of oneness. 

Each and every day, your Higher Self works with you in your dreams, in your meditations, and in your thoughts, as you explore and become deeper within. Your Higher Self is the purest version of you and the inward source for love, knowledge, and truth. Letting the Higher Self guide us, love us, and journey with us is prominent to us landing and growing on the highest path, into love and unity of oneness with God, Goddess, and All that is. Connecting daily, loving and being loved by Higher Self, and moving towards an universal light that is uniting humanity with God, Goddess, and All that is fulfills us with purpose, love, and gratitude, bringing us home.