Self - Expression

Now is the time for acceptance and now is the time for peace. As we journey along our own unique paths day after day, the most important thing we can remember is to accept ourselves. Acceptance is the key to our own inner-peace. When we accept all parts of ourselves, we can only soar into the beyond of growth, reassurance, and safety. When we accept ourselves, we can be nothing other than our true authentic selves. Yet, what does that mean? What does it mean to be truthful and authentic?

Authenticity is the you of your heart. It is the you that you were when you were born and it is the you that you are destined to be. Yet, whether you are the dream self of your heart in the moment of now or the burden-filled self of your mind in the moment of now, you still can be authentic and you still can be you. Every part of yourself is beautiful, strong, and unique - whether it fits the category of unique or not in your eyes. In fact, every time we accept our negative aspects and our positive aspects, we can become more of what we already are, which leads to the ultimate goal of self - expression.

Self - expression is the most important part of life. We use expression to funnel our way through life, creating relationships, businesses, homes, and every other thing that is in our life. Expression is a component of acceptance. When we admit something, when we express something, when we become something - that is when we are being authentic.

Authenticity is honesty because it is guided by the feelings that reside in one's heart. When you honor your feelings, when you accept all of you, and when you allow the world to see all of you - well, that is when you are being authentic and that is when abundance truly flows into your life. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start expressing yourself and accepting all parts of you, so you can create, become, and be the you that you have always been because You Are Loved.