When we wake up in the morning, we are gifted with a new day that is full of opportunity. The sun is risen, the day is new, and our hearts are renewed. With each step we take and with each breath we give, we move through the process of growth becoming more than we already are. Whether we are making our daily cup of coffee or working on a brand new project, we must always be aware of our actions and our choices.

Every thought we have will contribute to our actions and our actions will help formulate the outcomes that manifest in our physical reality. If we are upset in the morning, that may set the tone for our day. If we are filled with gratitude, we may be able to see ourselves in a new light. If we are determined, we may apply for a job that could possibly change our lives. If we are resistant, we may not find and receive what our deepest desires are. 

We are the makers of our own physical reality and our own physical reality can be filled with love, compassion, and joy or it can easily be filled with negativity, pain, and fear. The choice is always ours to make and the choice is always the determining factor that helps move us along the process of growth and through the movement of life. 

Being in a human body on this earthly plane gives us the chance to learn and it also gives us the opportunity to experience joy, pain, love, and even fear. Sometimes the forgetfulness of our awareness and the construct of humanity is what drives us to remember our overwhelming promise to be in the love that we are and sometimes our pain is even our greatest teacher that leads us into the gratitude and conscious understanding of what the light actually is. 

As you go through your daily life, remember who you are and remember that life must not be difficult or hard. We can make the choice to allow our pain to be the greatest teacher through a moment's embrace, but we can and should choose to remain as the light that we are because that is what we are always working to become more of.