Love or Pain?

Love is chaotic. It is free and overwhelming and it is something we cannot live without. Love is the grace that enters our bodies when we enter into this world at the time of birth. Love is what our cells are made out of because we are love. Every decision, thought, movement, and hair on our body is made from love because we are a part of the Universe. Yet, our world deciphers love as the pure and unconditional substance we work so hard to attain, but never can sustain.

All creations in this world are made out of love, even if those creations come from fear, pain, or resistance. It is important that all human beings understand that pain is actually a derivative of love. Yet, how could that be? 

How could the most painful experience in our lives be anywhere close to love?

Although pain is something that we hate, it is also the greatest teacher. Darkness is our teacher and our teachers are always filled with the highest love and guidance. Pain will guide us to our highest good, if we allow her too. We come to the earth to grow, to change, and to prosper. We come to experience both love and pain because those are the substances that cause us to expand and to gain clarity.

Who am I and why am I here?  Let your pain tell you.

Pain is the teacher - the teacher that paces us through our experiences, so we may flutter our wings back to where we were always meant to be - with the Universe, with God, Goddess, and All that is. Pain is the substance that shows us the connective line of whom we are, which is a creation made from the overwhelming substance of love that we are in the collective consciousness.

Pain or love, we are still all consuming because we were given all substances for creation from God, Goddess, and All that is. Therefore, we must take every lesson as a lesson of love because pain is teaching us to embody the love we always have been. 

What is stopping you from embodying the love that you are? Follow your dreams, follow your heart, and accept your willingness because that is how you will embody the Universe.