The Heart

The most common saying that people will hear when they are attempting to conquer their dreams or making life decisions is whatever you do, you must follow your heart. That will lead you to your true purpose, your true love, and your true dreams. Although that may be true, not many truly think about what that means because following your heart is a simple feeling you must dive into when you are going through your life. So, what exactly is your heart and how is following its guidance going to bring you prosperity over following your mind or another's words? 

Your heart is the core center of you. You have seven chakras that are in your actual body and your heart is the fourth chakra. Your energetic core runs directly through the middle of your heart and your core consciousness lies there. Although your core consciousness also lies in your root chakra, your sacral chakra, as well as every other chakra you have, the heart is the most important. Your heart holds your inner child, your inner adolescent, your yearning, your excitement, and your dreams. It balances out the lower chakras of this world with the higher chakras of the Spirit realm.

Your heart is where all reason, logic, and impossible hope and dreams come together to create the life, the purpose, and the path you were always destined to become. 

The heart chakra is all about love. It truly means unhurt and unstuck. When your heart is open, you are able to deeply connect to the Divine in all things, whether that be in a Spiritual realm or in the Earthly realm you walk on. It is where you feel, where you can truly sense your own awareness, and it is where all appreciation of beauty comes from. Your human desire to have compassion, to make change, and to alter the face of this planet - that comes from your heart. 

The heart is compassion, it is love, and it is growth. Whenever you have blocks around your heart, you may be struggling to connect with yourself, your beauty, and the relative components of your reality that help enhance the joy in you that brings life to your mirrored surroundings. When we embody our heart, our lives become the love that we are and we become the everflowing cup that embodies beauty.